Keeping Employee Engagement Intact as You Grow

Employee Engagement Can Dip in a Growth Period if You Don’t Have a Solid Strategy

employee engagementDespite the crushing hard work, there’s a lot of team collaboration in the early days of a new company. You’re burning the midnight oil together, all crammed in a room or two and you’re all sharing the vision of what you’re going to do. As you grow out of this phase and into a more established company, you’re likely to have some employee engagement struggles. Consider it adolescence for your company and you’ll recognize the vibe.

Growth doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice employee engagement. It just means that you need a change in your strategy. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it simply needs to be a priority.

Give transparency a vehicle. When you were all on top of each other in a tiny office, of course your employees knew what was happening. Now that you’re a bigger company and spread out into more space, it’s impossible to keep your employees in the loop without a formal way to communicate what’s next for your company. There are a lot of ways to do this, whether it’s a social media page, team meetings or a regular newsletter. Share as much as you possibly can and help employees see the connection between their jobs and company goals.

Delegate and equip others for the hiring process. In the beginning, you may personally select some great future leaders for your company, but then at some point, you have to stop being involved in every hire. Equip those great leaders to choose the right employees at the next level down and step out of the process.

There are tools, like a behavioral assessment, that can equip your hiring process for a more objective, informed decision. Give your team the means to hire the right people for the right jobs and then focus on running the company.

Cozy up to data. In addition to a behavioral assessment for hiring precision, there are employee engagement apps that help you assess your current team’s mood and satisfaction. They’re easy to use and provide insightful data for helping you understand where your employees are happy and where you need to make some adjustments. They’re affordable, and they allow you to check in more often than a formal, paper survey. Don’t limit this to once a year, but take the pulse of employee engagement on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Celebrate good times. In the early days, maybe you took everyone out for a drink or ordered lunch in from a favorite boutique to celebrate a big contract or a great sales month. It gets harder to incorporate these intimate celebrations, but you can put the power in your leadership team to celebrate their employees’ successes in similar ways. You can also find other ways to give a shout-out to great performance through quarterly mini award celebrations. An annual banquet is nice, but that leaves a whole lot of time for employees to feel like a cog in your organization, rather than a vital contributor. Celebrate, and celebrate often.

PI Consulting Group can help you choose the most effective practices for success, no matter what phase your growing company is in. Talk with us about your unique employee engagement challenges, and we’ll help you navigate them for a smoother transition to your next stage of growth.