How to Improve Employee Engagement so Your Team Can Thrive

4 Tips for Improving Employee Engagement

employee engagementA recent Gallup poll highlighted the fact that we could all do a better job of improving employee engagement. According to the poll, only 32 percent of employees say they are “enthusiastic” about their jobs. Furthermore, Gallup has found that engagement has been flat since 2000.

An engaged workforce is a productive workforce. Furthermore, there is less turnover and costs associated with training replacement employees. The question then becomes: how can we improve employee engagement in ways that will inspire employees?

1. Know Your Employees’ Opinions
If you don’t ask, you won’t know where you need to make improvements. If you regularly survey your employees, you’ll know what’s working and what is not working in your company culture. Be sure to include a section in your survey where employees can offer their opinions about how company culture can be improved.

The simple act of asking can make significant strides toward improving employee engagement, as it shows you care about their levels of satisfaction in the workplace, but you have to follow through on what they want.

2. Improve Communication
Asking questions is an important part of any communication effort, but listening to what is being said is equally important. This can be a slippery slope if you aren’t invested in actually hearing them out. This is also a time when you have to remember that no idea is a bad one. Rather than judge what they’re saying, ask more questions that allow them to fully expand on their ideas, which will also be beneficial for you, and hopefully, the company.

3. Life Outside of Work
Employees are happiest when they have a work/life balance. This might include setting boundaries, such as having no expectations of them handling work emails after hours. This can also include allowing them to work from home when appropriate, providing small allowances for things that will take the stress out of work.

Work toward creating an environment where once the employee clocks out, they’re not thinking about things they still need to accomplish at work. Make sure you’re leading by example with this initiative as leadership roles can often include after-hours tasks that set an unintentional precedent for others, which ultimately leads to an unhealthy and unhappy work environment.

4. Behavioral Assessment
When you have deep insights into your workforce, you’ll know what makes them happy, where they’ll be most productive and how you can get more employee engagement out of them. To do this more thoroughly, you’ll need to adopt a behavioral assessment solution.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve developed a behavioral assessment solution that helps you unlock your employees’ potential. This works for current employees and new hires. When we analyze the test, which is easy to take, we’ll tell you exactly how you can approach each individual to ensure they’re happy in the work environment and more productive. Contact us today and let’s start hiring and retaining the best talent for your company.