Which Workforce Analytics Are Most Important in 2018?

How Workforce Analytics and Behavioral Assessment Improve Productivity

Hiring mistakes are costly. The problem is, they’re quite easy to make if you’re not careful. As with any impendingworkforce analytics new year that comes upon us, now is the time to look at trends that will impact hiring in 2018, and workforce analytics will be important to follow so you don’t make hiring mistakes.

Improving the Job Post Approach

As you might have noticed in recent years, the way you screen candidates has been under stricter scrutiny. In fact, state, local and federal agencies are actually paying closer attention to job postings, as they want to curb the amount of discriminatory language getting out there.

You want to be compliant, so you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to improve diversity in your postings. You can achieve this by employing software that will alert you to words in your posts that could be misconstrued as discriminatory. The goal should be to erase any bias, so do your research and pick a software solution that can take any guesswork out of the equation.

Get Diverse

Litigation surrounding discrimination has never been more prevalent. As a result, employers are taking more seriously the act of embracing hiring a more diverse workforce. 2018 will see a trend in encouraging diversity across the enterprise. It’s a workforce analytic that will likely be much more than a trend in years to come.

Yet, embracing diversity is about more than just avoiding lawsuits – it’s about putting together a truly inclusive workforce that fully understands the value of diversity in the workplace. With the right approach, productivity can be enhanced substantially.

Using Predictive Analytics

Perhaps one of the most important workplace analytics is in regard to predictive analytics. This is the concept that you can accurately predict how employees will perform in relation to your company culture and with the current mix of team members you have.

Predictive analytics, as any human resources professional will tell you, is extremely important in the hiring process, as it will weed out otherwise attractive candidates who will ultimately not be a good fit for your company culture. However, it’s also a tool to use that reveals where your employees fit best within you company.

The Behavioral Assessment Difference

This actually shouldn’t be considered a trend for 2018, because behavioral assessment has been around for decades. Interestingly, not everyone is using it to hire new people, but they should.

The behavioral assessment involves bringing in highly qualified and certified individuals who can administer the assessment, professionally analyze the results, and then offer up a detailed report on the strengths and weaknesses of that individual. You can use this information to identify future leaders, but also use it to figure out which individuals are going to work well together.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re helping clients unlock the potential in their workforce. Our solutions help to unlock the complexities of people and understand what their workplace behaviors will be. Will your applicants fit your company culture? Will they perform well with your current teams? We have the answers.