How Your Company Can Thrive With Multiple Generations in the Workplace

Embracing the Value of Generations in the Workplace

multiple generations in the workplaceWhen it comes to blending multiple generations in the workplace, a good rule of thumb is to forget the stereotypes you’ve heard about each one. Those perceptions are not always reliable, and they’re not an effective starting point for talent management.

One of the challenges of any group of people working well together is the struggle not to categorize members or generalize about those categories. Try these strategies to reap value out of multiple generations in the workplace:

Find a connection point. Whether you start a contest between teams or begin holding a lunch hour book club once a month, get your team members to connect over something that’s not work-related. A simple event like an office chili cook-off contest can give people something to talk about, and you can purposely mix up the ages to foster connections. Ask team members of three different generations to judge the chili entrants, for instance as you bring them together with a fun event.

Model respect for ideas and creative thinking. When it’s a recently-graduated millennial with a new idea, or a member of Gen X that wants to share something they recently were exposed to in their master’s program at the local university, encourage the sharing of new and out-of-the-box ideas. Likewise, your baby boomers and Gen X team members may have a feel for the tried-and-true methods that consistently deliver the results you want. Be open to ideas across the board, and it will help your team embrace those ideas.

No matter the generation, prioritize passion and work ethic. These are personality traits, not generation traits, so expect to see them across every age group. Your team will benefit from the energy that someone with these characteristics brings to your team discussions and collaborative sessions.

Rely on data, not stereotypes. When you’re making hiring decisions, use a behavioral analysis to identify the traits in candidates that you’d like to see on your team. You’ll receive data-driven information that will help inform your hiring process beyond the typical resume and interview skills that you’d normally rely on to make a decision.

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