The Best Tips for Building a Virtual Team

When Hiring for Your Virtual Team, Don’t Take Any Shortcuts

New collaborative communications tools are making it possible for companies to hire a virtual team, in which onevirtual team or more members of the team work from a remote location. It offers some great benefits, such as the ability to disregard geography when making a hiring decision.

When it comes to hiring a virtual team member, there can be challenges. How can you be sure you’re getting the right candidate to round out your team if an in-person interview isn’t an option? You might be tempted to cut a few corners, but with a little planning and strategy, you can be just as certain with a virtual team member as you are with any other type of hire.

Set up a face-to-face interview. While this isn’t quite as helpful as an in-person interview, it is certainly the next best thing. Invite your candidate to participate in a video conference where you can find out if they have the people skills to be a good fit on your team. Check to see if they’re comfortable making eye contact over video, because that’s often the primary way they’ll interact with their teammates.

Conduct the interview in much the same way you would an in-person interview. As you get further into the interview process, you might give them a virtual tour of the premises. Spend an equivalent amount of time in the video interview as you would in an in-person version.

Don’t discount culture. Just because your candidate would be working remotely, they will still need to feel fully at home in your company culture. Invite them to meet the team through another video conference and have your team members be ready to give them the inside scoop on what it’s like to work there. Watch for any connections they seem to have with someone on the team so that you can set them up with a contact for onboarding purposes.

Test their skills. Don’t simply believe them when they tell you they’re good at project proposals. Have them present one to you and several of their prospective team members. Invite the team members to fully engage with questions and comments about the proposal. You’ll get insight into the chemistry of the team when one person is not physically present.

Do some digging on behavioral questions. Talk with your candidate about their preferred communication style, how they stay disciplined or motivated in a task that doesn’t particularly excite them, and ask them how they work out differences of opinion.

The discussion will help you determine which candidate is best, but don’t leave it simply to their responses to these questions. A behavioral assessment will provide you with objective information about how your candidate will behave in a variety of situations and whether this role is right for them.

At PI Consulting Group, we provide you with the resources you need to navigate a changing talent management landscape. Remote workers are becoming more common, so talk with us about how our Predictive Index can help you hire the best candidates for your virtual team.