3 Methods for Improving Your Company Culture

Choosing the People Who Fit Your Company Culture

company cultureCompany culture can’t be found in a handbook. It can’t be espoused in a typical onboarding process. It’s something that is embraced by everyone in an organization, from the top down, and it’s what the workforce demands today. However, what steps should a company take to identify what their company culture is, and how can they implement a strategy whereby employees can embrace it?

Making the Values Known

Core values help to establish, in definite terms, where a company stands on various issues. Today’s workforce, especially the youngest among them, is quite passionate about values, which can extend beyond the traditional workday. For instance, is the company community-minded? Is the company taking steps to do something about the environment? It’s issues like these, not just what happens regarding industry-specific practices that matter.

If your company is highly focused on connecting people with each other and bringing a sense of togetherness and team effort to the forefront, that’s something that should be defined in the company’s mission statement. If a focus on being customer-centric is irreplaceable, it should be well known throughout every department.

Empowerment is Powerful

Today’s workforce isn’t willing to sit back and remain idle, punching the clock in and out each day with no regard to having a sense of fulfillment. They want to be empowered to be a key player within their specialty.

Employee freedom is one of the things they’re looking for in company culture. They want to feel that sense of freedom to bring up innovative ideas to their managers. In fact, they’re looking for managers who will encourage that behavior.

Your company culture should be one that embraces the employee voice. Some highly innovative ideas have come from non-management employees at some of the biggest companies; so don’t hold back with this aspect of company culture.

Bring in the Right People

This is probably the area where most organizations struggle. They believe they can look at a resume and rely on an interview to determine who will fit the company culture. Too often, these traditional methods simply don’t work.

A better option is to consider behavioral assessment. This is a scientifically proven method for hiring the people who will be a good fit, not only with your company culture, but also with specific teams within your company. You can use this proven method to identify future leaders, too. The predictive index has a 60-year proven track record, proving that this method, regardless of which generation it applies to, works with a high level of confidence.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve assisted clients for years in finding the right people to fill positions at their organization. We can help you build teams that resolve internal conflict, clearly communicate with each other and maintain a strong sense of purpose. Contact us today and let us walk you through how it works.