Build a Better Talent Pipeline When Good Candidates Are Hard to Find

Get Creative With Your Talent Pipeline

Talented candidates can get a bit scarce in a healthy economy, and you may be wondering if you need some newtalent pipeline tricks to build up your talent pipeline. Attracting the right skill set is just the beginning; you also need someone that fits your culture and will be passionate and engaged in their job. How do you go about hiring the right employees when there are more jobs than talent? Here are a few ideas:

Make it about them. The interview process at your company may require some reshaping in order to hire the right candidates. Instead of asking them about their experience and capabilities, you may find yourself selling your company and enticing them to take the position. To help your candidate determine if you’re the right fit for them, offer insights about company culture during the interview and be open to answering questions that, a decade ago, may have seemed out of place. They are likely to ask about vacation benefits, flex time and even dress code and pet policies.

Find out what’s working (and what’s not) from current employees. It’s much easier to retain quality employees than build up your talent pipeline for team members that are on their way out. Conduct a simple survey or organize a town hall-style meeting or casual coffee hours to get feedback from employees. Find out what your company does well, and discuss what kinds of things make them consider looking elsewhere for employment or simply could be easily improved. You may find that there are a number of ways to improve employee satisfaction with little effort required.

Find out what the competition is offering. Once you’ve hired a new employee, find out what made them choose your organization over another one. You may discover that your culture is what sets you apart, or that your flexibility on work hours and working remotely attracted the talent of a single parent.

Create a strategy with human resources. You may be accustomed to interacting with human resources simply to fill a position by providing a job description and a timeline, but you can get more strategic. Human resources team members often have a lot of tools, skill and training in recruiting practices to fill your talent pipeline. Start working closely with your human resources team to see what you can do together to attract talent.

One of the tools that human resources may suggest is a behavioral analysis, which helps you add an objective layer to your interview process. Used alongside resume and interview skills, the behavioral analysis helps you identify a candidate’s motivations and tendencies that shape their success at work.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re ready to help you discover the next big thing for your company. The Predictive Index helps you inform your talent management strategy to align the right candidate with the right position. Make an appointment to talk with us more about filling your talent pipeline with the best candidates.