Strategic Workforce Planning Enters the Digital Age

Watch for AI and Other Digital Tools to Reshape Strategic Workforce Planning

strategic workforce planningIt’s easy to see the digital progression in many areas of the workplace. From high-quality collaborative file-sharing tools to video conferencing, digital technology is offering better ways to do nearly every business process. Strategic workforce planning is also making its way into the digital realm, with tools that make it easier to recruit talent, keep your best employees and ensure every employee is in their ideal position. Here are the best new digital resources emerging:

Human resources apps: Companies are adopting software solutions that allow them to get a better view of their employees, and that streamline employees’ interactions with HR Some apps provide easy access to requests for medical leave, paid time off, extensive resources detailing benefits and policies and the ability to learn about internal job postings. These apps even feature artificial intelligence elements, with chat bots available to answer employees’ HR-related questions.

The expansion of people analytics: The same way that marketers are gathering every possible piece of data to understand their target market, HR is gathering information on employees and candidates to offer the best possible employment opportunities. From a set of data, HR will determine what an ideal candidate looks like in a position, based on the traits of the star performers that already work for you.

Companies will need to explore some new policies to protect employee information and privacy as HR finds new ways to categorize and analyze employees to build the ideal team.

Short-term contracts will replace long-term employees: Some workforce experts are predicting the “gig economy,” where short-term contracts will be the norm to fill the needs of a corporation. This will also increase the competition to secure the best talent, so companies will need to become more skilled and efficient at identifying a job or project in need of a set of skills, recruiting the right candidates and knowing how to attract them to their job posting.

A shift to the employee experience: Rather than focusing on engaging employees, employers will focus their strategic workforce planning on the employee experience. Engagement will still be part of the goal, but it will be rounded out by the addition of two other aspects of employee experience: performance management and culture. Each of these areas will receive the digital treatment, as companies monitor employee experiences and determine whether their strategies are effective.

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