Changes Coming to Your Hiring Process in 2018

Technology Impacts the Hiring Process in New Ways

In many industries, demand is outpacing supply in terms of talent, and your hiring process will need to gethiring process smarter to stay competitive. In order to attract the best candidates and retain your key employees, you’ll want to adopt technology that will make you more efficient and productive.

Some of the technology for 2018 is brand-new; others are simply getting updates to be better and more effective for your human resources needs. Here are some of the trends that are taking shape and may impact your hiring process this year:

Communication aided by texting: Gaining an edge over the competition for talent may come down to communication. Providing instant updates, answering questions immediately and providing feedback on a timely basis are all items that create a positive experience for your candidate.

Managers will use texting more, because that’s the mode of communication many candidates prefer. Instead of the frustrating back-and-forth of emails and missed phone calls, line-of-business managers and HR reps can quickly communicate with the candidate through texts.

Artificial intelligence joins the HR team: Look for bots to become more common in the human resources department. Equipped to handle everything from scheduling paid time off to answering questions about benefits and job descriptions, bots will free up human resources reps to handle more complex parts of the equation, such as interviewing and data analysis. HR reps will appreciate this ability to engage in a higher complexity of the hiring process, rather than handling mundane tasks that a bot can easily navigate.

Social media gets mined for more: Many HR or line-of-business managers engage with potential candidates on LinkedIn, but there are a lot of passive LinkedIn users that rarely check their feed or update their profiles. Smart HR practices will dictate that companies hang out where their candidates do, and that might mean adding Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to your social media mix.

Social media offers a casual, safe place for candidates and employers to assess one another and determine some of the cultural fit without taking any formal steps in a hiring process. It provides a way for companies to look at some of their brand advocates and potentially identify and advocate for those that could also be a great employee.

Big data comes to HR: Big data is making its mark on every aspect of business, and the same is true for HR. In addition to interviewing and determining the experience of a particular candidate, you can also add objective information about their motivations and tendencies with a behavioral assessment. It’s helpful for your hiring process, but you can also use it to ensure that every member of your team is assigned to their perfect role in the company.

There are a lot of exciting trends coming to HR in 2018, so talk with PI Consulting Group to learn how best to strategically apply them in your company. We look forward to hearing from you!