The Predictive Index Just Became Even More Convenient

The Predictive Index Now Offers “One Stop” Landing Pages

predictive indexYou know the value of using The Predictive Index to build a team that works beautifully together for your organization’s success. Whether you’re hiring for a particular position, reorganizing your existing team, or launching a new division, PI Consulting Group provides the tools you need to create the right fit for each individual, and for your company.

Now, The Predictive Index just became even more convenient. Clients are now able to go to a single landing page for accessing and viewing all activities related to The Predictive Index.

Take a tour of the new website to see how easy it is to send assessments and download reports. It’s also designed to streamline your efforts by integrating The Predictive Index with Applicant Tracking Systems for optimal efficiency.

Technology Meets HR

You see it across the headlines: technology is powering your talent management strategies. PI Consulting Group is at the cutting edge of these developments, offering you access to your most critical data for analyzing and then guiding your decisions for your company.

By partnering with PI Consulting Group, you have access to objective, data-driven decision-making tools that help you build the team that will take your company to the next level.

At PI Consulting Group, we offer the latest tools to help your organization thrive. Contact us to learn more about The Predictive Index or to see a demonstration of our new website design. We look forward to hearing from you!