Important Talent Acquisition Trends for 2018

Talent Acquisition Benefits From Objective Data

talent acquisitionIn order to fuel your organization for growth, talent acquisition should always be on your to-do list. Keeping a talent pipeline full in a time when unemployment is down can be a challenge, but when it’s time to fill an opening in your company, you’ll be glad you have a few great candidates ready to interview.

Talent acquisition in 2018 is about more than collecting a few good resumes and calling candidates in for an interview when you need to fill a position. There’s new technology available, and a new approach that ensures that once you’ve hired an employee, they’ll be around to help you grow your company for the future. Here are some of the emerging trends:

Recruitment is informed by data: The days of taking a chance on one candidate over another, based on a gut feeling, are over. Recruiting talent now has a third major information source to add alongside experience and interview skills. Companies are investing in tools like behavioral assessment, which provides objective data about a candidate’s motivations, tendencies and traits. This can help you identify the candidate that best fits the position and your future plans for your company.

These tools aren’t just for hiring, either. They can be a useful resource for evaluating your current employees and ensuring that each team member is aligned with the right role for them within the company. Whether you’re approaching a reorganization or simply planning your talent acquisition for the future, behavioral analysis is a great resource for matching employees with the right position.

Culture becomes part of the conversation: Company culture is what makes excitement radiate from your voice when you talk to a new friend about your job. On the other hand, it’s the drag in your step on Monday morning that makes it hard to start the week. Company culture is built with a lot of components, and they add up to create an overall feeling about your job that either excites you or makes you dread going to work.

Company culture is becoming a key part of the conversation during interviews. This can take a lot of forms, including a discussion about the types of communication your team tends to use on a regular basis, or inviting a candidate to spend an hour with the team that they would join to find out how they fit. Maybe your organization aligns with a particular charity, and it would be appropriate to talk about this in the interview process because service is often important to great candidates.

Recruitment is planning for engagement: When choosing the right candidate, hiring managers are already strategizing about engagement. How can the employee fit into the overall goals of the organization, and how can the company communicate that important role to the new hire? Engagement is key to long-term satisfaction with the job fit, so it’s important to consider the role of engagement during the recruiting and interview process.

You need the right tools and resources to successfully manage your talent acquisition strategy. At PI Consulting Group, we equip your company with what you need to take your company to the next level. Contact us to learn more about The Predictive Index and other important resources for recruiting, hiring and properly aligning employees within your organization.