How is the Company Culture at Your Business?

Create the Company Culture You Want; It Won’t Just Happen

Company culture is an important part of how you feel about your job. It’s all around you, yet you can’t see or hear it,company culture exactly; it’s more of how you feel about your work environment. Do you dread Monday mornings, or is there a fluttering feeling in your chest when you anticipate a new project? These are the indicators of your company culture and the impact it is having on your work experience.

For your employees, company culture can be the feeling of excitement they get when they talk about their job to someone they’ve just met. While there’s a strong element of subtlety around the experience of company culture, there is no room for subtlety when it comes to creating it. You have to have a plan because great company culture never just happens. Here are some of the most critical elements to creating positive company culture:

Your employees feel valued. There’s not a quick and simple fix to this one. Your employees must feel that they are consistently listened to, that their ideas are considered and that their work is appreciated. The practical application can happen in a lot of ways, like scheduling regular coffee meetings with team members or giving each employee an opportunity to lead a weekly staff meeting, but it requires a focused effort and a commitment to setting aside the time to hear new ideas.

Employees understand how their jobs contribute to goals. Your employees should have a clear idea of what the company’s overall objectives are and be able, in a few sentences, to describe how what they do is helping you reach those goals. Every employee won’t impact every goal, but they should have a definite sense of their important place within the organization.

You help your employees reach their own goals. Equip your employees to achieve their own professional goals, providing the training and other resources to help them advance in the company. You don’t need to stop there, either. Take an interest in their goals for their personal life as well. While you likely can’t do much to help your employee meet their goal of running a half-marathon this year, you can ask them how training is going and take an interest in their personal goals.

Your company celebrates diversity and inclusion. Great company culture invites members from every generation, race and religion to add value to the organization, celebrating the benefit of unique points of view and inclusion.

Employees are treated fairly. Even in the best organizations, people have disagreements or there’s competition for a promotion that causes difficulty. This isn’t necessarily a reflection of your culture, and it doesn’t necessarily require your intervention. When you do need to get involved, treat employees fairly and without bias.

Get the right people to fit your culture. Many organizations value company culture, but forget to make it a key part of the hiring process. Using a tool like a behavioral assessment can help companies determine whether a person is a good fit for their company culture and the specific team they’ll be joining.

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