Happy Employees Make a Productive Workplace

Creating an Atmosphere That Produces Happy Employees

happy employeesWe want employees to feel connected, empowered and driven to succeed. We need to create a company culture where employees feel naturally happy and enjoy what they do. Happy employees mean retention is improved, as is productivity.

Employees need to feel that it’s okay to bring their authentic selves to work and that they’re not shutting down important parts of who they are when they clock in. When they are allowed to be who they are, they engage and feel wanted and needed in their role. They should be able to feel free to offer varied opinions and have dialogue that moves forward and brings value to the company.

The workplace should also be a place where compassion is allowed to flourish. This is increasingly true with Millennials who want to give something back to society or do their part in improving society. The feeling among many is that companies that do something for others, such as volunteering for local social services, offer a better working environment.

Kindness is also becoming a hot topic for organizations looking to pull in top workers. People looking to get into the job market are seeking out opportunities where kindness is more than a catchword. Companies that champion kindness are getting respect from the workforce.

Workers need to be allowed to make mistakes as they move toward success. We often make important discoveries through failure. However, not all employees are going to make the right kind of failures – some will be catastrophic. The problem that many organizations face is that they have to go through too many mismatches before landing that perfect fit. How can more qualified individuals be identified before being hired?

The answer that many organizations find is in the predictive index, which is a test that’s quite easy to take, yet utilizes a PI professional to analyze. It has been used to identify more than 7,000 positive correlations with business performance.

When you establish the behavioral assessment, you will evolve from the traditional interview process to getting to the nuts and bolts of a prospective employee’s workplace personality, which means you’ll know right away if they’re going to be a fit with your company culture.

Furthermore, you can use the behavioral assessment with current employees to identify future leaders and to see which employees will work best on specific teams. It takes all the guesswork out of the equation and moves toward a more productive atmosphere rather quickly.

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