Retaining Employees: Matching Culture With Meaningful Work

Using a Behavioral Assessment for Retaining Employees

Retaining employees might seem more art than science because employees all have their own set of preferencesretaining employees when it comes to being inspired enough to stay for a long time with an organization. However, as IBM has discovered, the biggest contribution to retaining employees is offering meaningful work.

You can start by trying to give your employees work that they do not find trivial. However, almost every job requires at least a modicum of trivial work, so it’s your job to explain why that work is important to the company. Another option is to approach the work in such a way that makes it less trivial. For instance, if your monthly meetings are becoming a drag, as meeting tend to do, put a different person in charge of the meeting every month to bring a fresh feel to that time.

Maintaining a People Approach

It’s easy to get lost in an array of technology, which is why it’s important to bring in the human touch whenever possible. Employees can feel left out and forgotten, which shows in their work and becomes a reason for seeking employment elsewhere.

Managers need to make time in their day to drop in on employees and team leaders and have conversations. You can even schedule weekly get-togethers where employees can have coffee and just chat in a communal area. Some companies will start an email chain where everyone shares something about themselves. It’s a fun and personal proactive activity that helps form bonds.

By placing a tighter focus on human interaction, even at very basic levels, we’re improving the atmosphere in the workplace.

Hiring the Right People

The question then is how do you find employees to fill positions that to them will qualify as meaningful work? How do we know who will buy into the company culture? We can gain a glimpse of possible matches by looking at a resume. We can gain even more information by having a sit-down interview with job candidates. However, even those traditional methods don’t get to the bottom of a person’s ability to find their work truly meaningful.

A better option is to take a behavioral assessment approach. This is a scientifically proven method of determining how a person will react to workplace stimuli. The assessment is analyzed by a professional who will find candidates who possess the behavioral and cognitive qualities that match your culture.

At PI Consulting Group, we will ensure that your PI launch is successful. We serve as the facilitators and trainers in an instructor-led management training workshop curriculum. We know that people are complex. Therefore, our methodology will help to break down some of those complexities and help you to bring together the right people for your work culture. After carrying out hundreds of validation studies, we have found more than 7,000 positive correlations between business performance and our assessment.