Is Your Leadership Pipeline Moving Your Company Towards Growth?

Tips on Improving Your Leadership Pipeline

leadership pipelineIf you’re struggling to attract leadership talent, you are in the same boat as more than 60 percent of businesses, according to research by the Brandon Hall Group.  Your leadership pipeline is likely based on bringing people up through your company, but what if you’re not hiring the right people for your team when they’re still “rookies?”

Problem Areas

One of the reasons, according to the research, that businesses are building up their people from within to fill their leadership pipeline is that attracting talent from outside is difficult. Despite that, nearly 40 percent of companies surveyed said development practices for their future leaders are “below average or poor.” Perhaps most startling is that 71 percent said their leaders aren’t ready to lead their organization for future growth.

The main issues include the following:

  • Leadership requirements are not often well-defined
  • Leaders need to be trained to be effective coaches
  • The lack of quality leadership is a global issue
  • Leadership development spending is on the rise

Organizations that focus on policies that empower their employees have a better success rate with their leadership pipeline. For example, they remove restrictive policies because employees never really learn anything in the way of problem-solving. Tight guidelines often take the focus off their ability to provide excellent customer service.

Listen and Empower

Listening to employees is something that many organizations fail to do, and because of this, the company goals are rooted around perceived instead of actual needs. Employee surveys are a great tool for figuring out where leadership development can improve. Some sticking points are often found in the time an employee is allotted to work on their leadership skills.

Employees in the leadership pipeline need to be given opportunities to actually take leadership roles. This is an opportunity for them to work on problem-solving while allowing current leaders to act as mentors. So, rather than assigning specific tasks, empower them by simply providing them with opportunities to take the lead.

Hire Right

You can have an excellent leadership program in place, but if you’ve got the wrong team members, your team will not reach full potential. If you utilize the predictive index, you can assure yourself that you’re bringing in the right people from the start. The predictive index uses behavioral assessment to identify workplace behaviors that will fit in with your company culture. Whether it’s in an effort to identify leaders or just to put the right employees on teams that fit their approach to problem-solving, behavioral assessment is the way to identify them.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve assisted many clients over the years with hiring productive people who fit their organization. Instead of agonizing over your hiring process, let us help you add the right mix of people into your organization in the right roles. Our methods allow our clients to hire with confidence.