Recruiting Talent: Four Trends for 2018

Does Your Strategy for Recruiting Talent Need Updated?

recruiting talentAI might have been the biggest trend in recruiting talent last year, and automation wasn’t far behind, but what is at the top of everyone’s list for 2018? Let’s take a look at what companies are talking about now that will improve the process for organizations in just about any industry.

Satisfying the Job Candidate

An area that has seen more of a focus recently falls under the experience a job candidate has before they’re actually hired by an organization. For example, candidates are becoming more receptive to interacting with a chatbot early in the application process. However, this is fairly limited to setting up the interview and whatever preparation needs to take place prior to it.

The important aspect of the candidate experience is that there is a human element to it. Candidates want a personal touch, updates coming in constantly and total access to everything they need to know while in the application process.

Dealing with Volume

Recruiters were busy in 2017, and they’re going to be busier in 2018. Despite the recent volatility in the stock market, the economy is still good, which is having an impact on hiring. In fact, less than 10 percent of recruiters say their organization is planning on cutting back on hiring in 2018.

The trend is to hire more people to support their growth, yet there will always be a percentage of that hiring directed at filling already established positions that have become vacant. When a company needs more resources to keep up with growth, recruiting also requires more resources.

Focusing on the Entry Positions

The majority of recruiters say finding the right people to fit into their entry-level positions is the most challenging part of the hiring process. What makes it easier, you ask? The answer is – improving wages and benefits. But that’s not the only direction employers are going; they’re also focused on using technology to better screen candidates.

Using Predictive Index for Assistance

To truly know which candidates will fit the company culture, employers must do more than go through the usual application/interview process. By bringing in the behavioral assessment process, employers are finding their hiring tasks much easier.

The behavioral assessment is a scientifically proven process where the candidate answers a variety of questions, thus revealing workplace behaviors that are impossible to glean from an interview or application/résumé. The process has been around for decades, yet not every employer has discovered it, which is bound to change in 2018 and become a strategy for recruiting talent.

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