Talent Analytics to Watch in Determining Best Employee Qualities

Talent Analytics Help You Find Employees With These Top Characteristics

You probably have a pretty good idea of what characteristics define a great employee, but you probably have a moretalent analytics difficult time hiring the right people. Talent analytics can help you better define what you’re looking for, and hopefully, not go through so many employees that aren’t the right fit for your company.

Work Ethic

One of the characteristics of good employees is those with a strong work ethic. Some of them are not strangers to goal setting, but it’s really the dedication to their work that stands out. These are people who not only perform their tasks as directed, but also will put in extra work to ensure that everything they’ve done surpasses expectations.

Go Getters

Not all employees can motivate themselves, which means they need a little extra supervision and guidance. Those that self-motivate to such a degree that management rarely, if ever, needs to check in on them and their progress toward a task stand out. Employers are putting self-motivated individuals at the top of their list of talent analytics to look for in new employees.


Nose down and cruising through their work with high efficiency is definitely something managers and executives like to see in their employees, but their best employees also have their heads up, ready to communicate with the rest of the team to work toward a shared goal. These are people who see verbal and non-verbal communication techniques as second nature. It’s effortless for them, but they can lead by example for others on their team.


Change is rough for many people, but really good employees are flexible and can adapt to anything thrown at them. Employers need that in their employees because when they have well-rounded people around them, “curve balls” are easier to “hit.”


Communication within a team is important, as is taking collaboration to heart. Collaborators are looking to assist where they can and ask for assistance from the right people as required.

Positive Mental Attitude

Positive mental attitude may seem like something of a trite motivational speaker catchphrase, but when you have positive people on your team, it really shows. We’ve all had those employees who always had the gloom hovering over them, which negatively impacted the team, so we need to do everything we can to motivate them or fill their position with a person who has an air of positivity.


People who own up to their failures are people who will lead you to success. They have the accountability built into their mind frame, which means they’re honest and willing to get to the bottom of an issue so it doesn’t happen again.

At PI Consulting Group, we know that every organization is looking for specific qualities in their employees, and we’re able to help them find the right candidates using behavioral assessment. It’s a scientifically proven process that determines how your candidates will perform in your unique workplace. Contact us today and let’s determine which talent analytics are important to your organization.