Top Five Hiring Process Trends for 2018

Evolving Hiring Process Tips to Watch

hiring processRecruiting the right people makes an organization more competitive and able to sustain growth. If you’re relying on strategies from the past, now is a perfect time to reevaluate your plan and take on new and exciting hiring process trends that are sure to help you pull in the right candidates.

Embrace Mobile

Mobile-enabled applications for job seekers are heating up. Nearly half of those polled by Glassdoor said their number one medium for checking on job prospects would be through mobile applications. According to PageUp, 16 percent of applications are actually being submitted via a mobile app.

It might seem impersonal, but getting the ball rolling through a mobile application is what many job candidates expect today, and if you’re going to cast a wider net, you have to appeal to your target audience.

Utilizing the Social Media Experience

You can improve your brand’s image via social media channels, and it is a big boost to you when top candidates can find you and are motivated to learn more about what you do. In fact, almost 80 percent of job candidates will dig into your social media pages to learn more about what you are as an organization, according to Glassdoor.

What most candidates are looking for is to see beneath the layers of promotion that many organizations put out front. Any discrepancies between what you promote your brand to be and what it actually is will be a big deterrent to top candidates.

Adopt New Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is in just about every application you can think of today, and it is impacting the hiring process. AI tools are being used to improve human resource workflows. This can help maximize the effectiveness of the recruiting effort across the board. A more efficient recruitment program will yield higher quality candidates.

Dig Into Data

We’ve known for years that getting serious about analytics and data can produce results, yet only around 10 percent of companies are actually invested in it. The problem might be that organizations simply don’t have a data collection system in place to provide any chance for analytics. For those that do have a system in place, the data can be used to make fact-based decisions that put them ahead of their competition.

Use the Predictive Index

Great teams aren’t built by chance, yet many organizations are using “chance” in their strategies for pulling in the best talent. By using the predictive index, organizations can completely wipe the whole “chance” aspect out of the equation. The predictive index involves a process called a behavioral assessment, which is a scientifically proven method of determining which job candidates will best fit your work environment.

At PI Consulting Group, we are the predictive index experts. We can help your recruitment team identify the best candidates and future leaders for your teams. Contact us today and let’s get your hiring process on an improved track.