Five Team Building Activities to Build Unity

Good Team Building Balances Work With Fun

team buildingYou want your team to work as a cohesive unit that supports one another in their projects and work together toward common goals. In the everyday grind, it can be hard to find time for a conversation by the coffee pot, much less for organized team building activities. In other words, it’s got to be part of an overall talent management strategy in which you prioritize team building.

To get started, try these activities to build a stronger team:

Stop and celebrate: Don’t wait for an annual awards luncheon to give a shout-out to an employee. At your weekly staff meeting or your daily huddle, take a minute to highlight good work done by individuals or by the team. Be sure to tie the accomplishment to the bigger goals of the organization and congratulate your team on how they support one another to reach those goals.

Get out of the office: Getting away from your desks for a shared experience can be a powerful way to unite your team. Whether it’s a conference or expo, or a tour of a vendor’s facility, these outings need only happen a couple of times a year to give your team a feeling of camaraderie around a side adventure.

Volunteer together: Whether it’s a day swinging a hammer with Habitat for Humanity or organizing a Saturday car wash at your office with the proceeds donated to a charity, volunteering is fun and a good team building activity. You’ll support a good cause, and between hammering or scrubbing tires, conversations and relationship building tends to happen.

Introduce friendly competition: You can put a pool table in the break room, run a March Madness bracket or have your team guess how many M&Ms are in the jar in the break room. These are easy, low-stakes games that tend to stir up a little fun competition among your team members. Try to personalize it to your team, such as making the prize something everyone truly wants, like the desk closest to the window or a prime parking space.

Get to know yourselves: Taking a behavioral assessment and then sharing the results as a team can be a revealing team building exercise. Rather than simply finding out how each person fits with their role, you give the team the ability to self-optimize based on the results. Maybe two people need to swap certain tasks based on their strengths, or maybe you’ll find out which team member is best suited to head up a particular project.

Behavioral assessments like The Predictive Index represent one area where PI Consulting Group can help you encourage team building in your organization. Make an appointment to talk with us about where you are, where you’re headed, and how we can help you get there with a stronger team.