Identifying Ideal Candidates for Your Leadership Pipeline

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity in a Leadership Pipeline

In order to prepare for the future, you should be building a healthy leadership pipeline. Your current leadershipleadership pipeline team may retire, leave for another opportunity or require replacement for a variety of reasons. Rather than being caught in a crisis, cultivating a set of leaders that are being prepared to take the reins helps you strategically plan for your company’s future.

How do you get started developing a strong leadership pipeline? You may be tempted to start making a list of your best-performing employees, but there’s more to it:

Leaders challenge their own beliefs and assumptions. Look for team members that are actively listening to others’ viewpoints, and who are willing to change course if they realize they have made a wrong turn. Those who value the contributions of others in a discussion will make good leaders in your organization.

Leaders value and model transparency. Good leadership means collaboration and shared goals, but it goes even further, embracing emotional honesty and allowing difficult conversations to happen. Even if it means that they hear criticism, a good leader encourages others to be open and honest.

Leaders cultivate an atmosphere of learning. There’s excitement around people that love to learn, and that excitement is contagious. Look for team members that are always interested in ways to improve and learn. They’ll encourage it in others and cause your team to grow.

Leaders carefully choose mentors. To identify your future leaders, take a careful look at who is following your best batch of current leaders. You’ll also want to observe the ways in which they are following. Are they attracted by power and excitement, or are they coming alongside a current leader to learn how to thrive in their jobs?

Leaders serve others. The best leaders are those that are busy equipping others to do their jobs, encouraging them to be successful in reaching their goals and helping them reach their full potential. Far from dictating orders or issuing commands, the best leaders are all about serving their employees.

Leaders may surprise you. When filling a leadership pipeline, organizations often get it all wrong, using only factors like performance in the current role or seniority to determine whether an individual advances to a leadership position. In order to accurately identify the best leaders for your company, utilize a behavioral assessment, which offers objective insight into a person’s fit for a particular leadership role.

PI Consulting Group helps many companies like yours identify good candidates for their leadership pipeline using The Predictive Index. Contact us for more information on how behavioral analysis can add important context to your entire talent management strategy.