Three Talent Management Steps to Help You Acquire Top Talent in Your Industry

How Are You Approaching Talent Management in 2018?

Talent management hasn’t always been a priority for company leaders, but recently, acquiring and keeping top talenttalent management has taken center stage. You need to be intentional about your talent management strategy to see the best results in your hiring process.

When you identify the right talent, you’re going to fill open positions with people who have fully bought into the company culture. You’re going to have a motivated individual on your hands that will fulfill job requirements well, and then take it a step further and self-motivate and aspire to do more. How can you acquire and keep people like this in your organization?

1. Build Teams Instead of Focusing Solely on Individuals
When you think about all the different characteristics that make up a high-functioning team of individuals, you can hone in on the exact type of person you need to be an integral part of the unit.

Instead of looking for the person who is good at everything, find someone who is excellent at doing just one or two things that will benefit others on your team and your team as a whole. Organizations that focus more on teams instead of individuals see more improvement in their talent management.

2. What do You Need Now?
It’s difficult for many involved in talent management to focus on today instead of tomorrow. In order to meet your goals down the line, you have to bring in individuals who are a good fit for your current tasks.

If you have a blocker in your management team, take that person out of the position and replace them with a top potential future leader. You can also take some of your top talents and give them jobs with more responsibility, perhaps even make them in charge of new market development. Grooming leaders should involve challenging them with new tasks.

3. Take a Different Approach
If you’ve jumped on an expensive talent management program before and found that it didn’t live up to your expectations, you likely chose the wrong solution for your company.

Consider a more scientific approach that uses answers from the applicants in a method called behavioral index. This is something that’s been around for decades, which means that it is a proven method that works in improving your talent management strategy.

When you hire people or promote from within, you’re not fully able to predict how they’re going to respond to the workplace stimuli. However, when you use a behavioral assessment, you’re taking out all the guesswork.

When you adopt the predictive index solution provided by PI Consulting Group, you sign on to a solution that gives you the fact-based decisions you need to develop emerging leaders, build stronger teams and hire and retain the best talent. With our solutions on your side, you’re going to stop agonizing over every new hire and begin hiring and promoting with complete confidence. Contact us today and find out why our services are a year-after-year trend worth adopting.