Three Steps to Boost Your Company Culture

Improving Company Culture Through Predictive Index

company cultureAre you letting your employees take an active role in defining and bolstering your company culture? While management is an important part of the process, empowering your employees to take it to the next level is an integral part of establishing the personality of your brand.

Consider having a meeting every month with select team members who get together and actually discuss company culture and where to take it next. Based on these meetings, solid plans can be put in place to make sure “company culture” doesn’t become a trite phrase. What else can you do to ensure everybody is talking the same talk and walking the same walk?

1. Don’t Place Too Much Emphasis on Hierarchies
When creating multiple layers of management, the connections between your team look like tiramisu. Despite it being a delicious dessert, you don’t want that type of structure in the workplace because it creates barriers. You’ll still need team leaders who have proven they can multitask and handle more responsibility, but they should always work toward the same goal as every other team member.

2. Don’t Discourage Diversity – Embrace It
Have you ever experienced the downside of “groupthink?” It’s when everyone is thinking the same way, which means creativity and individuality go out the door. This term was first used by a social psychologist in 1972, so it’s not a new catchphrase meant to motivate workers – rather, it’s a symptom found in too many companies today. While everyone needs to work toward the same goal, you don’t want to always strive for a consensus within your teams. A challenged idea can give birth to innovative change.

3. Hire Smart
Not every employee is going to buy into your company culture. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good at what they do; it just means they’re not right for your organization. Yet, how are you supposed to know who is going to be a good fit before you give them a chance?

You likely have a strategic approach to screening job candidates, and a rigorous interview process that follows. You might even have a prolonged training program for new hires, and that’s great. The problem is, without a more scientific approach, you’re still taking chances, and that can be costly due to high turnover.

For companies that have had success in bringing in the right people, they have something in common, and it’s called predictive index. Predictive index is a science-based assessment that provides an accurate depiction of your applicants’ core drives and insights into their needs and behaviors.

At PI Consulting Group, we assist organizations in predictive index solutions, called behavioral assessment, which unlocks the mystery behind what makes people tick at work. When you partner with us, you take chance out of the equation and hire people who will fit right in with your company culture and help you advance it. Contact us today and let’s talk about how it works and how your entire organization will benefit.