Happy Employees Higher Value

See Better Retention With Happy Employees

happy employeesSome of the highest performing companies are backed by employees who want to be there as part of the team, working toward the same goals. It’s true: happy employees are behind every success.

While we all want our employees to be engaged and satisfied, it doesn’t happen without intentional strategies. Taking those steps toward improving employee satisfaction is worth it though as happy employees are better leaders, more creative, better team members and more productive. Consider the following steps for helping your employees to be happier at your company:

1. Engage Your Workers
It’s easy to spot an employee that lacks a sense of engagement. They are not passionate about their work. They aren’t loyal to your brand. They can pull others around them down with their negativity. To make sure your people are engaged, ask them questions about what type of environment is most suitable for them to be successful.

While most employees need direction, let them guide you with some direction of their own about how you can help them. Engage them in the workplace by continuing their education with workshops that will develop their skills to a higher level and give them a sense of satisfaction.

2. Give Them Options
Happy employees are those who feel as though they have options at work. For example, for organizations that have the flexibility for remote work, give your employees the work-from-home option. This is something Millennials have grown to expect from their employers.

Roughly one-third of Millennials, according to an article in Forbes, say they are having a tough time maintaining a work/life balance. Their insistence on telecommuting at least part-time is what’s helping drive the popularity of work-from-home options.

3. Recognize Progress
Feeling left out can create a scenario where the employee becomes disengaged. Don’t be afraid to highlight milestones your employees make. If you see them struggling with something and they pull themselves out of it, take a minute to recognize that accomplishment. It will prove that you are paying attention to their efforts and that you value their motivation.

4. Onboard the Right People
It’s difficult to see happy employees when they have never bought into your company culture. Rather than guessing who is going to be a good fit, bring in the predictive index method and hire smart in the first place.

Using the behavioral assessment, you can find out which applicants are going to be the best team members or future leaders. It’s a scientifically proven method of determining workplace behaviors before they’re even on the job. The assessment only takes about six minutes, but when professionally analyzed, you will be privy to behavioral patterns that show what drives them, the types of jobs they’ll be perfect for and get clues on how they want to be managed and communicated with.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the predictive index experts. Contact us today and begin seeing happy employees on your teams.