By Utilizing the Predictive Index, Organizations Improve Teamwork

Get Results by Using the Predictive Index

The predictive index is more than an assessment. It’s a science-based methodology that business leaders haveFind the right people for your team with the predictive index. used for decades to improve their productivity by identifying the right people for the right positions.

The power of the predictive index is that it is based on scientific assessments, management workshops and professional consulting with experts in the field. It all comes together to give managers the tools they need to tackle complex business challenges.

The predictive index is effective at predicting primary personality characteristics and cognitive abilities, which give managers insights into how a person will perform in a specific company culture and in specific roles within teams. There are a number of validity studies that show this method is effective.

Predictive Index Success

An example of how the predictive index works can be found in Groendyke Transport, Inc., which used the method to find drivers who fit their demand for safety. Safety is paramount in the transportation industry as drivers log millions of miles per year and share the road with smaller vehicles.  There really is no margin for error.

A Groendyke executive credits the predictive index for helping them create a culture that fits their safety objectives. According to the executive, “the predictive index lends a new insight into people’s behavior. It sheds a different light. We have used the behavioral tools in so many different ways and areas. This means for interviewing drivers, but so much more.”

The company was able to make management decisions with confidence after using the predictive index, and used those insights to understand the motivations of their drivers. This allowed them to step up their goals, which not coincidentally resulted in receiving the Harvison Division award for safety across more than 15 million miles of travel.

One of the perks of utilizing this method is that it helps to identify employees who might need a little extra attention or be approached in a manner more productive for their role in the company. Everyone appeals to different management styles, and the predictive index will help identify the leadership styles that workers prefer, which improves how they are prepared to do their job in a more productive manner.

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