How to Utilize the Predictive Index for Increased Productivity

Predictive Index: Bringing the Right People Into Your Company Culture

Grantham University found success recently when it utilized the predictive index behavioral assessment during itsGain more visibility into skillsets with the predictive index. selection process of new employees. The university is also using it for training and development.

Teams will sometimes struggle to communicate effectively, regardless of the industry. However, when Grantham had issues in this area, they turned to the predictive index to help them explain behavioral and communication differences to their teams in a non-threatening and data-based way. It helped the individuals see what motivated other individuals, which gave them the tools they needed to approach their teammates and work more effectively and with less conflict.

While most workplaces will do what they can to eliminate stress, it is a common thing that most employees will have to deal with at one time or another. In fact, many people are motivated by stress to perform. Most employers are looking for individuals that can perform under stress while remaining grounded and focused. It’s a skillset that shows a level of professionalism. It’s important to know how employees will deal with stress, and the predictive index is a way to find out.

At Grantham, they were looking for a way to identify candidates that could respond effectively to stress, particularly in their fast-paced, constantly changing environment. They turned to PI Consulting Group to evaluate a department of 80 employees. What they found is that the predictive index method clearly identified challenge areas among individuals, which gave them the information they needed to work better with individuals with behavioral challenges.

Grantham changed the way they find people to fit specific roles by using the predictive index method. They were able to save time and money by identifying people who had the capacity for success over a sustained period of time. Rather than put a candidate through an aggravating process where they struggle in a job that doesn’t fit them, they knew up front which candidates could jump in, handle the stress, perform at optimal levels with their fellow workmates and fully accept the company culture.

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