Uniting Generations in the Workplace With Effective Management

Bring Generations in the Workplace Together to Build a Strong Team

Try individualizing your approach to bring together generations in the workplace.How many generations in the workplace do you currently see in your immediate work surroundings? It’s a topic that deserves some attention, because there are often specific attributes placed on each that are different. While diversity is sought after in most organizations, it can lead to poor productivity if not harnessed.

Not all organizations are good at motivating and leading their multi-generational workers. For those that get it right, they’re finding their workers being competitive, which boosts productivity. However, the goal should be on uniting them to reach goals rather than dividing them using their generational differences as leverage.

Factors That Shape Generations

Generations in the workplace each have factors that shape who they are. For example; politics, the economy, the state of the labor market, their work history – these are all factors that differ from Baby Boomers to Gen Xers to Millennials and Gen Z workers. Understanding what shaped these individuals will assist you in knowing how to motivate them and to lead them.

For employees that come of age during times where there is high unemployment, they’re going to have shared life experiences that impact their workplace personality, and this is something that can last an entire career.

Developing Careers

Did you know that Baby Boomers have a completely different mindset from Millennials when it comes to career development? Millennials are far more likely to see each job as a step toward their next job, which means they’re looking for professional development and various opportunities to become better trained at what they do than Baby Boomers, who are more focused on developing tenure and growing with the company for a long-term stay.

Offering Perks

Generations in the workplace offer another complexity in that each will have different takes on what they value in benefits and perks. It’s important to segment your demographics and make sure your employee programs, health benefits and retirement plans can be individualized to fit your employees.

Your Baby Boomers, for example, aren’t going to be motivated by awesome childcare perks, but that’s definitely something that will interest your younger employees. Be sure to establish perks that will benefit every generation of worker.

Predictive Index

While it’s important to consider the characteristics of each generation, you can get a head start on building better teams with the predictive index, which uses a behavioral assessment to establish employees are going to react to various workplace stimuli.

When you partner with PI Consulting Group, we can help you fit your multi-generational workforce into the right teams for maximum productivity. Contact us today and let’s discuss our method and how it is going to work for you.