Does Your Hiring Process Need Some Adjustments?

4 Key Parts of a Successful Hiring Process

The hiring process becomes more effective using the predictive index.It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, the hiring process is an incredibly vital component of growth. Most organizations are constantly looking for areas of improvement, and if your business is like many others, the way you attract, hire and onboard employees may need some adjustments.  Here are four areas that are important for your hiring process:


Hiring is usually left up to one department, and sometimes that department is a single person. However, hiring needs to be a team effort, because even though one person should take the lead in hiring, that new employee will be working toward the same goals as everyone else in the company.

Bring in other members from other departments to get involved in the hiring process. Everyone has a different perspective that adds something to the mix and will help determine who will best fit your company culture.

Accuracy First

The manner in which you put your open positions out there is important if you want to attract the right applicants. Job descriptions that are poorly crafted will net little attention. Some companies will even go years without revising their job posting content. You need to review what the job really entails and make sure you’re editing out old information. Think about the perfect candidate for the position as you craft the wording – they are the target audience you’re trying to inspire.


Don’t risk pushing your best talent away. Make sure your onboarding process inspires your new hires to stay with your organization for a long time. This involves doing more than paperwork on their first day on the job (that should be taken care of before they step foot in the office).

Predictive Index

Despite the thorough interviewing processes that many organizations adhere to, there is still a percentage of guesswork, because the person you’re interviewing might be really good at that, but not so good at the position for which they’re applying. Rather than take chances, utilize the predictive index, which uses behavioral assessment to provide what can’t be gleaned through a resume or interview.

At PI Consulting Group, we are the predictive index experts with the experience and expertise that you can count on to make sure you’ve got the right people in the right positions at your organization. Not only will you have the employees that fully accept and appreciate your company culture, you’ll be able to identify people who have the attributes it takes to be a leader, and you can begin grooming them for leadership positions. Contact us today and let’s talk about how our process works.