Team Building Tips for Managers to Get Their Teams on Track

Utilizing the Behavioral Assessment for Successful Team Building

Team building can be more successful with the predictive index.If you’ve ever found yourself managing a great team, you’ve likely looked around and noticed that you all have various personality traits that differ from one person to the next, yet you’re somehow working together in a great rhythm. You might have noticed that one person’s strength might be another’s weakness. With the right team building approach, your teams can all be high functioning regardless of the differences in their attributes.

As a manager, your role is to keep everyone pointed toward the same goal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let a little spontaneity run its course. Your team members are going to have some thoughts of their own that will bring an exciting personality to the mix.

That spontaneity will allow you to see them for who they are and meet them somewhere in the middle – or wherever is appropriate. You’re going to see where some workers have specific gifts in some areas and lack in others. If you remain versatile and communicate openly, you’ll see results in this type of team building.

Don’t forget, even though you have people over you with expectations, you need to make sure the team building is all about your team, not about you. If the team is successful in meeting a deadline or reaching a goal, it is important to recognize each of them. Nothing will tear down the morale of a team more than a manager who takes all the credit and/or doesn’t give recognition when deserved.

Even when you do everything right as a manager, there will be challenges, and sometimes those come because you’ve brought the wrong players aboard. You might have hired the brightest applicant because of their stunning portfolio and excellent interview, but they turned out to be a total non-team player. You can sidestep this kind of guesswork by using the predictive index. It’s a scientific process that ensures that you hire smart and get the right people working on the right teams.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re dedicated to helping our clients build the best workforce that can work toward team building goals that will help them improve their productivity and bottom line. Our scientific method is proven to work in many industries just as it will work in yours. Find out more about what we do and how we can help you today.