Using the Predictive Index to Bring Together Generations in the Workplace

Generations in the Workplace Can Come Together to Build a Solid Team

Baby Boomers are goal oriented and loyal to their employer (meaning they stay longer). Gen Xers look forward toManaging different generations in the workplace is easier with the right teams. accomplishing the goals they set out for themselves in their career. Millennials are highly attracted to company culture. These are some of the stereotypes that often ring true, but can dealing with many different generations in the workplace be an asset or detraction?

These individuals can all come together for a similar goal. However, establishing norms among the team is important. For example, if you establish behaviors that everyone can agree upon and use them to build camaraderie, you’re on the right track.

Setting Goals

Employee engagement can suffer when members of the team are working toward different goals. You have to remember that each generation is going to respond differently. For example, the prevailing thought is that Baby Boomers respond to their work environment best when they are recognized for their contributions to the project. This means that they need to feel as though they are being rewarded for their hard work.

The Gen X crowd generally tends to work well on their own, so you need to make sure they feel empowered – and perhaps give them the opportunity to work from home. The Millennials usually want a challenge, but they want it to enrich their lives, which means you need to set goals that excite them.

Hiring Smart

Keeping a close eye on what motivates each individual is a tough task, but the job is much easier if you hire smart in the first place.

One way to do that is to utilize the predictive index. The predictive index is a scientific process that has been proven over decades of use. Essentially, it’s a streamlined set of questions that are answered and studied by professionals to determine how they will react to workplace stimuli.

When you bring the right people on board, the differences of generations in the workplace can be a benefit to your company. However, you have to make sure you put the right people on the right teams, and the behavioral assessment will help you determine how to do that.

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