Talent Management: Tips for Happier Employees

Utilize the Predictive Index as a Key Part of Your Talent Management

Improving your talent management strategy can result in lower turnover and more productivity.Does compensation alone keep your top talent around? While salary and benefits are important, it’s only one part of a successful talent management strategy. What can you do to make sure your top talent stays a strong part of your team?

Development Opps

You’re probably putting a lot of focus on your organization’s teamwork skills. Top talent today is attracted to that type of work environment. However, you have to remember that these people are individuals and deserve to be treated as such. For example, are you communicating with them regularly? Do you know what motivates them and what really kills their mood at work? Are they getting the advancement and education opportunities they want? Your top talent isn’t in a generic class – see them for their individuality and cater to it.

Don’t shy away from offering challenging projects to your employees. The ones who are motivated to move up also want to enact change, which can be achieved through offering them challenges. If you stall on this, they’ll go elsewhere and find those challenges with another company. Make it part of your talent management strategy to always be on the lookout to empower individuals.


Some people might seem like they don’t need a pat on the back, but you’d be surprised that even your highly motivated people need to be praised for what they’re doing. Even small things that are recognized by you can go a long way in boosting an employee, which translates to productivity. It’s a talent management skill that’s lost on many people, but it needs to be included in your strategy.

Also, while it’s important to praise your team as a whole, don’t leave out the individual praise, because a collective pat on the back means little compared to pulling a person aside and rewarding them for a job well done.

Predictive Index

Talent management can be difficult if you don’t know what motivates an individual. Everyone has a different way in which they want to be managed, and that can be a big challenge. You might even be putting the wrong people on the wrong teams due to a lack of insight.

However, when you utilize the predictive index method, you can find out exactly what type of method you should be using to manage your talent. It’s a scientifically proven process that utilizes a behavioral assessment which unlocks all the “mystery” behind what makes a person tick at work, and puts you in a position to build better teams and respond more appropriately to your workers.

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