Do Your Employees Fit Your Company Culture?

Use the Predictive Index to Improve Company Culture

Happy employees are productive employees. If your work environment does not provide a positive experience, it willCompany culture can be improved with consistent messaging and total buy-in. show in a lack of productivity and a high rate of turnover in your workforce. Therefore, establishing a solid company culture and filling your positions with people who see eye-to-eye with your brand of culture are vital to reaching goals.

Broadcast Your Values

First, what are your values and how do they align with your company’s mission? This has to be clearly visible to the people who consider you as their next employer. The applicant has to know exactly why they want to work with you, and if they can’t see what your company culture is, they won’t be able to answer that question.

This can get tricky in an interview situation. However, it’s important that you get team players that share your same values in their personal lives.

Your website should have a page for core values alone. Your company culture should also be apparent in your social media outreach. The goal is to be consistent with your content so there can be no mistaking what your values are.

No “I” in Team

Another important aspect of developing company culture is to convey to everyone that while each individual brings something different to the table, you’re a team. Do you work together on all your projects and do you have tight-knit teams that work well together? If there is a weak link in the mix, it’s probably the person who doesn’t subscribe to your company’s unique culture. Or, you’re focused too much on individuals and not on building great teams.

Hire Smart

The most rigorous hiring processes can still lead to bad decisions. The person who was miles ahead of every other applicant in their interview can end up being the wrong fit for your team which can lead to them being either highly unproductive or leaving soon after coming on board.

A way to avoid this situation is to use the predictive index method. That person who didn’t interview so well might be your best fit for the team, and you can determine that through a behavioral assessment. At PI Consulting Group, we’re the predictive index experts. Find out more about our services and let’s talk about how we can address your needs.