How a Better Onboarding Process Improves Productivity

Get Off to a Great Start With a Good Onboarding Process

Don’t leave your employees in the dark. Build your onboarding process now.Most organizations have figured out that an effective onboarding process doesn’t involve filling out paperwork on the first official day of work. Sure, there’s still an element of orientation that remains relevant, but for those organizations that have embraced little beyond those initial orientation tactics, critical pieces of a successful orientation strategy are missed.

Today’s onboarding process involves conversation and interaction. They no longer have that feeling of frustration of not really knowing what they are supposed to do in their new role, because what’s expected of them is fully discussed during the onboarding process.

Your onboarding process should involve welcoming them so they feel accepted and supported. However, you must also pay close attention to your goals, because you want to also convey to your new hire what the definition of success will be and what they can do to achieve that.

Creating Your Strategy

Most of what is accomplished in a typical orientation can take place before they show up for their first day on the job. This includes getting all the paperwork out of the way. Any in-person orientation should be part of your onboarding process and should include discussing business strategies and practical information such as parking, breaks and where they eat lunch.

Your onboarding process should include mentoring opportunities as well as greeting sessions where they get to know the people on their teams and management. Another component should include information about where they can get assistance, either through a peer, management or self-help.

Measure Success

The onboarding process deserves constant monitoring so you can tweak it to make it the most effective it can be. If you evaluate performance metrics, you’ll be better prepared to make the changes quickly and with more impact.

Exit interviews can be a great source of information that helps you measure your onboarding process success. Ask them what worked and where there could be some improvement.

Utilizing the Behavioral Assessment

By utilizing a scientifically proven method of creating a more productive group of individuals at your organization, you can more effectively onboard the right people. For example, some organization have rigorous hiring processes, yet they see a lot of turnover because they either don’t hire the right person or they don’t know how to properly onboard them.

By utilizing the behavioral assessment, you can find out what motivates individuals, who will truly buy into your company culture, and which employees will be great team members. Furthermore, the behavioral assessment will help you unlock the management style that will best suit each individual.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve established a method that can assist you with improving the way you. Find out more about what we do and let’s talk about what will work for you.