5 Tips to Help You Develop Happy Employees

Happy Employees Lead to a Lower Turnover Rate

If you are seeing a high turnover rate in your company, it may be time to examine the goals you have for yourOpen communication can lead to happy employees who stay with your company longer. employees. If you want to see more happy employees that are productive and stay with your company for a long time, try these tips as you develop your employee retention strategy.

Improve Communication

How transparent are you with your employees regarding what’s going on in your workplace? Studies have shown that when you keep your employees in the loop and are totally transparent, they’re happier. In fact, a study by TinyPulse found that it’s the top factor in contributing to employee happiness.

The survey also found that when management has clearly defined roles for their employees, the happiness factor can also improve dramatically.

Rewarding Your Employees

While it might seem like a good idea to reward your employees with cash when they exceed a goal, there are other ways to reward them that will make them feel appreciated. Show them that you are invested in their happiness by taking the time to get to know them and determine what gift will make them feel rewarded.

There is a good chance that your employees will remember non-cash rewards, too. This is important because it can help to create a long-term sense of loyalty to your company, which goes a long way in improving employee retention.

Offer Continuous Training

Happy employees are often that way because they’re constantly improving themselves at work. This only happens if you are invested in keeping them on a career path that suits their goals.

How many development opportunities do you give your employees every year? Are your training programs robust? Are you listening to their needs in regard to where they want to be in “x” number of years? By offering training and development opportunities, you’re creating happy employees that will be more productive.

Grant New Responsibilities

A recent Forbes article addresses the fact that few employees are happy with doing the same task over and over. Allow them to jump out of their comfort zone and tackle a new task.

Rather than risk putting your employees in a situation where they will burn out, empower them to take risks of their own and try something new. It often leads to happy employees who are allowed to expand their knowledge base.

Utilize the Predictive Index

To truly know how your employees are going to be motivated and stay happy, you need to know what makes them tick. By utilizing the predictive index method of building powerful teams and hiring the right people who will fit your company culture, you’re going to know who prefers which management style.

At PI Consulting group, we’re the predictive index professionals that will help you build teams consisting of happy employees. Contact us today and learn more.