What do You Look For in Employees as You Develop Your Leadership Pipeline?

Looking at the Future of Your Leadership Pipeline

Do you know how the people in your leadership pipeline got there? Without foresight regarding what your company will look like in the immediate and distant future, establishing goals for sustainability and growth would look rather bleak. The leadership pipeline is a key consideration for those goals.

The people leading your organization are required to have some basic skills that can be difficult to develop if a person being groomed for leadership doesn’t have a complete buy-in to the company culture. However, it takes more than a strong belief in the company culture to make a good leader.

Exceptional Communication

The best leaders know how to listen. They also take an active interest in engaging with the appropriate parties within their organization. They’re not afraid to let go of conclusions they once held when something more effective comes along, and they’re listening deeply to even the smallest voice in the office, because sometimes the best ideas start from the ground up.


The leadership pipeline must include individuals who have an eye cast toward the future and display a knack for intuition. They keep tabs on disruptive technologies and the way the demographics are changing around them. It’s these individuals who help organizations steer clear of situations that can make it otherwise irrelevant.


There are many aspects to a company’s success, including stakeholders, shareholders (if it applies), customers, partners, suppliers – you name it and your leadership should be thinking of all of them. It takes a visionary to keep them all in mind as you strive for improvement.


It’s one thing to have a vision and intuition that exceeds those around them, but without the confidence to act upon these qualities, your leadership pipeline will clog up at some point. Help instill confidence in your leaders and encourage them to follow through with their ideas. Without the right amount of empowerment, they’ll be powerless.

Predictive Index

Don’t rely on guesswork when it comes to choosing whom you groom for the leadership pipeline. A tried and trusted means of choosing the right candidates involves using a behavioral assessment. With a quick and easy question and answer session, experts in the predictive index method can accurately choose among the best candidates who not only fit your company culture, but also have the attributes present in all good leaders.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the predictive index experts that have for years assisted organizations in many industries. If your leadership pipeline is important to you, contact us today and let’s talk about how to onboard the right people.