Team Building Requires Careful Management Techniques

6 Tips for Better Team Building

Don’t micromanage your employees – let the team building process occur at their pace.Great teams don’t just happen spontaneously – they are built after intentional planning and strategies that are put into play. If your team building methods need a little revamping, consider the following guidelines.

1. Make Your Goals Clear
Not everyone is going to grasp objectives in equal measure. Some will have more complex jobs to perform and might not be fully on board with the rest of the team as quickly.

In some cases, the team begins to grow and your objectives become more complex. Repeat them and make sure that everyone gets one-on-one time with management to make sure the goals are as clear.

2. Empower Employees
While you’re taking time to explain objectives and goals, you’re not micromanaging. You need to give your team members some autonomy to make decisions. This has proven to be a powerful motivator, empowering them and helping to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

3. Train and Educate
Education opportunities should always be available because no good team member wants to do the same thing day in and day out. Look for training opportunities to expand their skill sets. This is an individual team building exercise that will actually help the entire team.

4. Give Praise Where it is Due
No good deed should go unnoticed. You don’t have to throw an awards ceremony. You don’t have to offer some type of monetary award – just a simple acknowledgment can inspire productivity out of your team members. Whether it’s an individual basis or addressing the team as a whole, keep tabs on accomplishments and let them know that management notices the hard work.

5. Choose the Right Team Members
You have to know how your employees are motivated, what inspires them, how they choose to be managed and how much hands-on training they need to fit into the team. Just because one team member is mostly silent while others are quite vocal doesn’t mean they can’t work well together. However, looking at the individual skillsets of each person will help you put the right people on the right teams.

6. Hire Smart
You might think that your exhaustive interviewing process thoroughly vets your new hires, but knowing how they’ll work with your team is challenging. Interviews can offer a deceptive understanding of how a person will fit in with your company culture, which is why you need to utilize the predictive index method in your hiring process.

At PI Consulting Group, we arm our clients with a tool which offers a unique view into the perspective of your applicants, and it can really impact the way your team building is carried out. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help you hire smart.