Employee Retention: Tips to Improving Your Stats

Improving Employee Retention Improves the Bottom Line

The Baby Boomers are known for their loyalty to the workplace. It wasn’t uncommon for them to stick with the sameYou can improve your employee retention by hiring smart and offering a positive onboarding experience. company for decades or for their entire career. Times have definitely changed and employee retention is now more challenging and a closely followed metric that many organizations are trying to improve upon.

Losing employees is a costly problem. The hiring process can be lengthy, and when someone is hired, the onboarding process can be time-consuming. This all adds up to costs and possibly lost revenue. What can you do to improve employee retention?

Be a Better Onboarder

First impressions matter. If your onboarding game is lacking, you’re immediately setting the wrong tempo, which sets the stage for a quick exit. For example, if your new hire’s first day is spent filling out paperwork and going through boring orientation meetings, they may become disengaged from the start.

Your onboarding should introduce your new hires to your company culture and clearly explain your mission. Furthermore, they need clear direction on how to do their jobs rather than just setting them loose and making them learn it as they go. That is frustrating to most people and can lead to dissatisfaction with their job.

Engage and Review

Are you offering your employees work that is rewarding? Do they feel like they’re on an upward trajectory? These are important questions that your employees will need for you to take seriously.

Your employees want to feel engaged, which could mean education opportunities where they receive more training and expand upon their expertise. This improves their feeling of engagement.

By frequently reviewing employees’ level of engagement, you can make improvements and turn a bad situation into a good one, which leads to improved employee retention.

Get Scientific With Hiring

Rather than run the risk of hiring people who might work out for you, hire people with confidence by using the predictive index method. This is a scientifically proven method that involves a behavioral cognitive assessment of your applicants. It’s easy to take and offers a number of insights that can’t be gleaned through a resume or interview.

When you utilize the predictive index, you are going to find out how people prefer to be managed and you can better determine who will be a good fit for your company culture. Furthermore, you can utilize this method with current employees to determine who has leadership potential and which employees will work best together on teams.

At PI Consulting Group, we’ve got many years of experience with the predictive index method. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can put you in line with a more engaged workforce that will stay with your company long term.