5 Tips for Better Development Training

Improve Your Development Training Today and See Value Tomorrow

Utilize the predictive index method to improve your development training strategy.A well-trained employee is many times more valuable than those who have been through a perfunctory development training program. What might begin as a well-intentioned program can quickly become a meaningless exercise unless the strategy is often re-evaluated and improved.

If you’re looking to improve your development training program, consider the following tips.

1. Be Flexible
There is more than one way to train an individual. In fact, your employees will probably have different preferences when it comes to how they are approached with training opportunities. For example, if you’re throwing in a section of formal classroom training, some of your employees will excel while others will nod off.

Find out how you can offer engaging opportunities that will benefit everyone. Be flexible by offering different ways of reaching out to them, be it networking groups, one-on-one mentoring, walking through special projects or specialized coaching sessions.

2. Communicate
Do you know where your employees want to be in a year or two? What are their goals for their career? When you communicate with them about their aspirations, you’ll have a better idea of how to approach development training that will speak directly to them.

3. Do What Works for the Company
While it’s important to develop employees in a personalized way, it’s also important to make sure you’re hitting company goals in the process.

For example, if you’re looking a year into the future of the company and you know you’re going to need specific management roles filled, start grooming your top picks through development training that will make them the perfect person for the position when it needs to be filled.

The added benefit is that you save time and money on the recruiting process, not to mention the onboarding for a new employee.

4. Know Who Fits the Right Roles
Not everybody wants to move into management. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to continue to evolve in their career. Be sure that your development training isn’t too heavily focused on filling management roles. Again, staying on top of your communication game is going to help you nudge employees in the right direction, one that will fulfill the company needs and the employees’ wishes.

5. Utilize the Predictive Index Method
While communication is important, you can take a more scientific approach to get to the bottom of your employees’ preferences for training. The predictive index uses a behavioral assessment to determine many insights into how employees will work within a specific company culture, within specific teams and how they should be considered for development training.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the predictive index experts. Our behavioral and cognitive assessments are scientifically validated and provide massive insights. Contact us today and find out more about how we can assist your organization with more developed training programs.