Future Leaders Are the Result of Better Strategies For Building Teams

Building Teams More Efficiently

By utilizing the predictive index, organizations can take a more fact-based approach to hiring.The best teams all share a vision. They recognize goals and work together, sometimes separately and sometimes together, toward those goals. Not everyone has the same skillsets, nor should they. Each member of the team also might have different preferences in how they are managed, which is a challenge that adds to the complexities of building teams.

What steps can you take to ensure you’re building teams that will launch you forward and help you achieve goals?

As you develop your team, make sure they know they are accountable for everything they do. This isn’t a threat, nor is it a way to take away any empowerment from them. They should have some autonomy and they should learn from their mistakes, but future leaders know that they need to be held accountable for everything.

Always Look for Talent
When you encounter a person who isn’t shy about taking on new challenges and responsibilities, you’re spotting a potential future leader that can help you in your building teams strategy. These aren’t people who need lots of attention, they want to work hard and they find joy in challenges.

Don’t Micromanage
Building teams involve finding the right people for specific tasks, making sure they know what the goals are, and setting them loose. They should always know that they can ask as many questions as they need to ask, but if you’re going to build future leaders, you need to let them make decisions on their own.

Train Properly
Nothing is more frustrating to employees than not being given the proper tools to do their job. If they feel this is an area where your organization is lacking, they’ll look for employment elsewhere. Mentor and coach them until they are ready to take on empowering decision-making processes, but always offer continuing education opportunities, because this is also something future leaders look for.

Don’t Shoot Down Ideas
Once you have set your team loose on a project, you have to be willing to resist the urge to change the decisions they’ve made as a team. If you see that the results of their choices weren’t quite what they’d expected them to be, this is their moment to learn from it, which will make them stronger and better prepared the next time around.

Use Predictive Index
To identify your next crop of leaders and to build better teams, utilize our predictive index, which includes a behavioral assessment that unlocks many assets that a person has that aren’t easy to see. With this information, you can build better teams.

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