Is Retaining Employees a Priority for Your Organization?

How Retaining Employees Improves Your Company Culture

Company culture plays a big part in retaining employees.The economy is doing well, as is evident in the low unemployment rate. However, according to Gallup, roughly 50% of those currently employed are looking for employment elsewhere. To keep your talent from going elsewhere, your strategy for retaining employees has to be a high priority.

The landscape continues to change, so bumping up salaries is not going to be enough to hold on to your most prized employees. A majority of workers say that they would take a lower paying job if they saw a better fit elsewhere. Often, it’s a “toxic” workplace that will send them running.

What Are Your Values?

Values in the workplace are increasingly important to employees. When you’re clear about your values and take every chance you have to show what your values are, you’re going to broadcast this to your employees and future employees who are looking for that exact fit.

Values can sometimes be little things, but they’re always important. They add up and eventually make a rather large impression. If you’re unclear on your values or if you’re inconsistent in how you show them, it can lead to a toxic situation.

Can Employees be Themselves?

Employees today are looking for opportunities that allow them flexibility. They don’t want to be stuck in an environment where they’re not allowed to be themselves. Yet, they also want their work to have an impact on society, even if it’s just a side effect of the day-to-day tasks.

While it’s important to offer a competitive salary and benefits package, employees want to bring in their entire selves to work and have a healthy work/life balance that makes work feel less like a job and more like a duty. Increasingly, remote work opportunities are helping to improve that work/life balance for employees, and they’re beginning to demand it in their employers.

Utilize Predictive Index

It’s not always immediately apparent if an applicant will be a good fit for your company. You do everything you can in interviews to make that determination, but without using more scientific methods, you’re really playing a guessing game.

At PI Consulting Group, we help our clients in retaining employees by making sure they hire the right people the first time. Utilizing the behavioral assessment, we can pinpoint behavioral and cognitive attributes that help determine which candidates will find value in working for you. Contact us today and let’s talk about our methods and how we will help you reach your goals in retaining employees.