Happy Employees Make a Productive Workplace

Providing Options For Growth Leads to Happy Employees

Aside from the fact that it’s an essential part of any company culture to create an atmosphere in which you can haveHappy employees have options in the workplace and continually learn, which should be a part of your company culture. happy employees, studies show that the happier your employees are, the more productive they will be and they’ll stay with your organization longer.

If you’re not doing everything you can to make your employees happy, you’re missing out on opportunities to meet goals and grow as an organization. Furthermore, you’re just making everything you do a little more challenging.

Options, Options, Options

It’s true – employees value having more options at work today than was once thought possible. We’re living in the age of digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT) which gives employees more opportunities for working remotely. If you’re not extending this option to some extent to your employees, you’re missing out on a chance to offer them a better work/life balance.

While some workers still find it admirable to put in some long and hard hours, most of them are striving to spend less time in the office while still being productive. If you’re providing them meaningful work, they’ll be more than willing to follow through with their responsibilities, regardless of where they’re working.

Work from home opportunities are more important now than ever and given our ability to connect virtually, it’s completely possible to work it into your strategies to have more happy employees working for you.

Learning Opportunities

If you want to see an employee fail, deny them the option to continue their education. Employees today want to feel as if they are continually growing – blazing new paths in their career. When they get stuck in a situation where the employer wants nothing more than what’s expected of them for eight hours a day, an unhappy employee is the result.

Most times, when an employee isn’t afforded any opportunities to learn, such as taking part in webinars or going to conferences and seminars, they’ll start looking elsewhere for work, and this leads to higher turnover, which means you’re going to be spending a lot of money finding new people, training them and waiting for them to grow into their role.

Hire Smart

Regardless of how you onboard your employees and treat them, if they’re a bad fit from the start, you will face extra challenges. For this reason, organizations are putting more effort into identifying the right prospects from the outset.

They’re doing this through a process called predictive index. When you use the predictive index, you identify particular reactions to workplace stimuli. You’ll know well before someone is hired if they will be a good fit on your team(s). At PI Consulting Group, we are the predictive index experts. Learn more about our processes by visiting our “what we do” page.