Why is Company Culture Still Important?

Tips on Improving How You Display Your Company Culture

Being consistent in your company culture will help avoid confusion and turnover.Company culture can’t necessarily be laid out in an employee handbook, but that doesn’t mean the handbook doesn’t have traces of what your company’s culture actually is. Company culture can’t be 100% clearly expressed in a job description, but again, you can find traces of it there.

Your company culture is a values-based mechanism that exemplifies what you stand for as a company, which might go beyond the company itself and extend into the immediate vicinity and reach out further into the community. Most importantly, you’ll see that your employees will either embrace your company culture or completely reject it. How can you make sure your employees are a good fit for your company culture?

Ethical and Friendly

Hostile workplaces aren’t always openly visibly hostile. The same can be said for ethics. However, these are two important things to keep in mind when it comes to your company culture because they are key issues that today’s workforce looks for in their place of work.

Employees stay longer in jobs where they feel the company has a friendly disposition. They also respect an employer that has the same system of ethics. These are both reflected in company culture.

Broadcasting Your Culture

Communicating your company culture in a clear, consistent way is the best way to ensure there are no mixed signals. That means you have to have your company culture on display from your highest executive to your newest entry-level employee.

Your company culture will be apparent in how people behave in the workplace, how you present your organization’s story online through social media platforms, to the way you communicate your job descriptions to how you onboard new employees. You’re broadcasting it, sometimes in small ways, all the time, which means your message must be consistent.

Getting the Right Fit

You need to ask your prospects why they want to work for you and look for an honest answer that fits your culture. If they’re having a tough time coming up with the right answers, they’re either not a good fit or you haven’t established a clear picture of what your company stands for.

Good candidates are those who have done their research.

Use the Predictive Index

There is no substitute for establishing your company culture in a clear and concise way, but to make sure you’re hiring the people who are a good fit, you have to get scientific.

At PI Consulting Group, we connect clients with the predictive index. This is a method that is proven to work because it reveals many cognitive and behavioral aspects that will determine how a person will fit in with your company culture. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you identify the right people.