Skill Assessment and Its Importance in Hiring Smarter

Improve Your Skill Assessment Ability

If your organization relies on 50 or more employees to push toward achieving your goals for growth, bringing in aImprove your skill assessment strategy for a stronger team. solid human resources leader has to be an early and important priority. Skill assessment is a key consideration for who is brought on board, your HR staff has to be knowledgeable regarding which candidates fit the role.

Analyzing the Data

Most HR leaders are devoting a chunk of time to data analytics as it relates to people. We all rely on data to drive our processes in one form or another, but recently, there has been a shift in relying on data for HR purposes. There is now a push to bring in people analytics software, as this will assist them in hiring smarter and retaining employees for longer periods.

Putting Yourself Out There

To truly entice talent to your organization, you need to be consistent in your message about who you are, but you also have to clearly state what your future employees have to gain by coming on board with you.

This involves being crystal clear about responsibilities in your job descriptions, but this must include the benefits they’ll experience by being on each specific team. Also, while salary is a big one for prospective new-hires, you also need to impress them with your employment benefits, which include healthcare, vacation, 401(k) investment opportunities, etc.

Be a Good Communicator

Your HR leaders must be communicators. This means that they are putting a focus on keeping your applicants in the loop about where you are in the hiring process. There are too many competitors out there that will steal your talent away from you if you don’t offer clear and frequent updates.

The communication doesn’t stop once they’re hired; you have to maintain this aspect as you walk them through their benefits package, and then be open to feedback throughout their employment. This ensures they feel valued and will make them more loyal to your organization.

Use the Predictive Index

A good HR leader should have strong skill assessment abilities, including how to spot quality prospects, whether it’s in a resume or an interview. However, they must also know that they have limitations. To get past these limitations, utilize the scientifically proven predictive index.

A behavioral assessment is part of the process, and this is what can unlock who has the potential to be a good fit for your team(s). At PI Consulting Group, we’ve been called the PI experts as we help clients improve their skill assessment capabilities. Contact us today and let’s talk about our processes and how we can assist your HR department in locating the team members that will bring your organization more value.