Is it Time to Change How You Look at Your Hiring Process?

Tips on Improving Your Hiring Process

Improve your job description and interview process to make a positive impact on your hiring process.Unemployment rates are among the lowest they’ve been in a long time, which means the hiring process may be challenging for many businesses. However, by taking a fresh look at the steps you take to entice applicants, you can make changes that improve your chances of hiring top talent.

Be Accurate and Thorough

Your job listing must be spot on. This includes adding the salary range, because you can line up some great applicants for interviews only to find you’re wasting everyone’s time because the unpublished salary range turns out not to be a fit with your applicant.

Include benefits in your job description, including any perks, like remote work opportunities. Job titles can be a touchy subject, so don’t go too far outside the box. For example, if you’re looking to fill a sales manager position, don’t advertise it as “sales aficionado.” That can have a negative impact on Google search, which job seekers utilize.

Lock Down Your Interview Process

First impressions are vital. From the second the applicant walks into your office, they are making judgments, which means you want to put your best foot forward. Make them feel special by making sure your receptionist is aware that they’re coming and that they are made to feel wanted and welcomed.

Instead of making the interview an inquisition, be conversational. While it’s important to have a list of questions for the applicant, take the time to field their questions. And be completely transparent in your interview, because increasingly, applicants have a low opinion of organizations that want to hide various aspects of their business.

Be a Good Communicator

There is usually a grace period between the interview and the offer as you exhaust the list of applicants. However, too long of a wait without any follow-up could result in that candidate taking a position elsewhere.

Don’t leave them dangling – let them know that you value their skillsets and give them a timeline for when you’ll make a decision. Keep them excited about the proposition without overpromising should a better candidate come along. Be honest about why a candidate didn’t get an offer. They gain closure through this and have a higher opinion of the business that rejected them. One day they could become the ideal candidate, and you’ll want them to re-apply.

Utilize the Predictive Index

People are complex, which means regardless of how comprehensive your interview process is, you might be extending that offer to the wrong person who seemingly nailed the interview. To fully understand their workplace behavior before they enter it, there is a methodology that can reveal it.

The predictive index uses a behavioral and cognitive assessment that is scientifically validated. It’s easy to take and offers a large number of positive correlations between business performance and the assessment.

At PI Consulting Group, we give clients the tools they need to unlock the human complexities and hire smarter. If you’re looking to improve your hiring process, we can help. Contact us today and let’s discuss our methods.