Are You Trying to Find the Right People to Fit Your Company Culture?

Tips on Projecting Your Company Culture

The workforce is extremely interested in working for organizations that fit their ideals.What’s the foundation of a proud and productive workforce? Answers will vary, but a majority of thought leaders on the topic will point to company culture. Why? Because company culture touches every aspect of a company, even things outside the scope of the industry in which the company serves.

Deloitte published a study recently that found 88% of employees stated that a “distinct workplace culture is important to business success,” so it’s not just the executives who are embracing this aspect of an organization’s footprint.

Given the job market today, hiring quality talent is tough. That’s just one reason why establishing a clearer, more distinct company culture is grabbing the attention of executives and managers. In fact, when you see a list of “best companies to work for” in the headlines, these are often the places where company culture has been made a priority.

However, just because you’ve clearly established what you are and what you believe in doesn’t mean that the top talent is going to just show up at your door. Your company culture isn’t for everyone, and that’s exactly what you want to establish. Not everyone is going to be a good fit for your brand. You only want the people who will be excited to be there.

Recruit Wisely

The way in which you “sell” your open positions could be an applicant’s first introduction to your brand. Therefore, your company culture has to be present in your outreach, whether it’s through an advertisement; on popular sites like Monster, Glassdoor, LinkedIn or Craigslist; or if it’s at job fairs or in the local paper.

The messaging has to be consistent, and you need to include your unique selling point, whether it’s a stress-free workplace, community-minded organization, or remote work opportunities – whatever makes your company culture shine.

Show You Care

Salary will always be important, so you’re going to have to be competitive with others who are fighting for the same employees. However, organizations that thrive show that they care about more than just salary – they care about the actual employee and their health.

With robust wellness programs as an added perk/benefit, you show the employee that you care about their well being, which results in loyalty. However, the side effect is that these wellness programs actually do improve a person’s health, and a healthy employee is sick less often, misses less work and is more productive.

Hire Smarter

Utilizing the predictive index method, your organization can administer an easy-to-take behavioral and cognitive assessment to find out how apt an applicant is to fit in with your unique company culture. Furthermore, if they’re a fit, you can also determine through their results which teams they’ll be most productive.

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