Find the Right Cultural Fit and Improve Employee Retention

Employee Retention: Utilizing Predictive Index to Find Improvement

Employee retention can be improved if your workers buy in to the company culture.Employee retention has always been important, but it’s become a mainstay conversation in the executive boardrooms across the world.  We’ve witnessed a 22% increase in workers who favor jumping from job to job in the last four years alone, according to a survey by Robert Half. The conversation among the workforce is often about whether or not job-hopping helps or hurts a career. Younger workers, those age 18 to 34, see it as a benefit. The drawback is that increasingly, job-hoppers are seen as a “flight risk.”

Providing Incentives

The job market today is competitive for employers, which means your revolving door of employees entering and leaving is a time-consuming challenge. Keeping your employees with you must be a significant focus and incentives are one key to keeping employees with your company.

One thing you can’t put a damper on is career mobility, and that’s probably one of the biggest reasons people hop from one job to another – they want to continue to experience growth. You can empower your workers by giving them learning development opportunities. This could include webinars, in-house training, tuition assistance, conferences – anything that provides them with an opportunity to continue their education should be embraced because it improves employee retention.


Annual reviews are not as popular as they once were. Employees don’t want to be micromanaged, but they do want to communicate with management about how they’re doing. Not only does a regular review, even if it’s fairly casual, keep them accountable at work, you’re also getting a chance to praise them for the good work they’re doing and let them know that they are appreciated. Furthermore, it’s a chance for them to get advice on how they can improve in their weak areas.

Company Culture

Is you company culture flag on full display? Often, people realize after they’re hired that the company culture doesn’t fit their style. They find out when they’ve already been entered into the onboarding process, and they never fully blossom and in turn leave in short order.

Company culture is something that shines at every level, which means executives lead by example. It’s sometimes difficult to determine if an applicant will fit in with yours, which is why it could be valuable for your company to use the predictive index method to gain insights into your pool of applicants.

At PI Consulting Group, we utilize a cognitive and behavioral assessment to determine how an applicant will really fit in with your specific company culture. Furthermore, our methods can help determine which team an employee will be most productive on. Contact us today and let’s talk about our scientifically proven methods.