Improve Your Hiring Process With Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics Can Help You Hire Top Team Members

Don’t rely on instincts – use talent analytics to find the people you need to reach your goals.Data points: two words with a lot of power behind them. Data points matter when talent analytics become part of your method of improving productivity. Staying ahead of the competition is tough, but by identifying talent, companies can gain that competitive edge, and they’re doing it by tracking data points and embracing talent analytics.

The goal for many executives today is to attract and retain the best possible talent. To reach this goal it is critical to forecasting talent demand months ahead of time, pinpoint future leaders and groom them to take on more complex tasks. Talent analytics will be an important part of helping you accomplish this.

No Reliance on Instincts

Human resource professionals are beginning to move beyond hiring on instincts and take a more scientific approach in bringing in new talent. Workforce planning and talent analytics therefore go hand-in-hand. We’re already using data points to examine how we can improve the customer experience, and we’re beginning to see the worth in doing it with workforce planning.

As companies are collecting data points from employees on a number of levels, this information can be used to better assess how to improve performance and manage talent.

Reduce Bad Hire Risks

Utilizing analytics, human resource teams can take a more quantitative approach to hiring, weeding out applicants that aren’t the best fit and focusing on those who are a better option.

Analytics can also be used to find the people with specific skill sets that are needed to fully flesh out a highly effective team. Modeling is often employed in this process, which involves looking at the attributes of successful employees currently on the team and determining how prospective applicants measure up.

Get Scientific

Another smart approach to talent analytics is bringing in the predictive index method. This is a science-based framework that relies on a behavioral assessment that digs deeper into an applicant’s workplace behaviors It allows you to find out what truly motivates people, their level of patience, how introverted or extroverted they are and how they’ll react to workplace stimuli.

The predictive index method is a good match for companies looking to identify future leaders, because it reveals who matches that role, giving you time to sufficiently groom them for bigger and more complex projects or management position.

At PI Consulting Group, our methods have assisted clients in many industries to find talent, retain it and reach their goals. Find out more about our approach to the predictive index and let us assist you in finding the talent you need to succeed.