Do You Have a Plan for Creating a More Conducive Company Culture?

Organizations With a Strong Company Culture Will Thrive

Embracing company culture includes hiring the people who will undoubtedly be the right fit for your team.If your organization is meeting its revenue goals, team morale is over the top great and your retention rates are soaring, you’re probably nailing your approach to company culture. Unfortunately, most organizations can’t attest to experiencing these traits, but there are changes you can make to improve your company culture.

There is no single way of getting to a better position where company culture is concerned. Every organization is different and company culture will reflect those differences. If there is a similarity to be found, it’s in the way that each organization sets a plan in motion to meet company culture goals. Here are a few more tips for creating a more conducive company culture:

Appreciate the Work

Productivity thrives in a company culture where employees are appreciated for their accomplishments. It might seem logical to expect employees to be rewarded by their paychecks for a job well done, but it’s more complex than that. They need to feel valued, in other ways as well.

Management that keeps a close eye on their employees’ work and recognizes even the smallest victories are going to be steps ahead of organizations that make no effort in this arena. Put in place recognition rewards and ways you can work to let your employees know when a job is well done.

Consistency in Values

Nothing sinks company culture faster than when actions don’t match up with what you say about your company culture. Your executives are going to be the shining examples of how your values are on display, which means they have to have completely bought into the culture and express it in the office each and every day.

Furthermore, your values should be apparent in everything you do, including hiring and how you onboard your new employees.

Be Great Communicators

Organizations that put an emphasis on communication are better at solving conflicts and aligning teams to tackle specific tasks and meet goals. It enhances efforts to improve how employees collaborate.

When communication is not a focus, it’s almost always apparent in the workplace where negativity is allowed to run rampant.

Hiring Smart

Rather than taking a chance on new hires, use a scientific method called the predictive index. This is what we do at PI Consulting Group – we assist our clients in utilizing cognitive and behavioral assessments to help them find people who embrace their unique company culture. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can improve yours.