Embracing a Culture Shift to Meet Your Company Goals

Adopting the Predictive Index for a Productive Culture Shift

From business leaders to mid-level managers on down, a culture shift only works when everyone is on board.We work hard to establish a workplace culture, but should we be open to an evolution of that culture? It’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to embrace the culture shift, because without flexibility, a company can become stagnant, making goals unattainable.

Business leaders need to take a prominent role in a culture shift, which is an ongoing management process. They are the ones responsible for ensuring that the culture aligns with goals. Is it relevant to the company? That’s a question that must be asked when considering a culture shift.

Include the Entire Company

While business leaders lead by example, all employees must also be part of the culture shift. A true change in company culture will need to involve every department. In many cases, company culture extends beyond the perimeter of the company. That’s how far-reaching it can be, especially for companies that attract consumers who identify deeply with what that brand stands for.

And while the culture shift might begin at the top, mid-level managers need also to walk the walk on a daily basis, never straying. Every employee under them will get shining examples and follow in their footsteps. However, bringing in the right people is of utmost importance, because those who aren’t accepting of the culture will ultimately drag the company down.

Finding the Right People

You’ve probably spent a lot of time working on an onboarding process that gets your employees up and running in short order. Furthermore, your onboarding process is perhaps designed to motivate them, as well. But what if you don’t have the right hiring methods lined up?

Your job descriptions might be perfectly written and advertised, but how do you know you’re getting applicants who fit your company culture? The answer for most is that they don’t know. They see a qualified applicant who interviews well, but how will they react to workplace stimuli? How will they deal with conflict in the workplace, and how will they fit on your team?

Utilizing the Predictive Index is what forward-thinking companies are relying on today to answer those questions. It’s a scientific method that has for decades proven to be of value for companies that have a defined company culture and work toward building teams that work through conflict to a positive end. Furthermore, utilizing the Predictive Index method of hiring new people can result in less conflict because you’re bringing in people who are of similar cognitive and behavioral mind.

At PI Consulting Group, we provide the Predictive Index tools that companies need to find the right people for the job. If you’ve swung and struck out too many times in your hiring process, contact us today and let’s work together to onboard the right people the first time around.