Utilize the Predictive Index Method to Achieve Better Results

Find the Managers of the Future Using Predictive Index

It might seem that being a great manager is part science, part art. We’ve all had our share of good and badKnowing who fits the role of a leader can be more easily determined with Predictive Index tools. managers, and there are some common themes in both. Organizations in just about every industry are looking to improve their ratio of good managers. What makes a good manager and how can the Predictive Index help you find the best candidates for leadership in your organization?

Characteristics of a Bad Manager

A large percentage of bad managers are not self-aware. They’re often not open to feedback and they put their needs first. Some of the words used to describe managers who don’t get positive feedback from employees range from aloof to dishonest. Words like controlling and disconnected are also brought up. If you’ve ever had a bad manager, these terms may sound familiar to you.

What Makes a Good Manager?

Hard workers who know how to laugh while maintaining a well informed and highly knowledgeable edge – these are the people who make good managers. They recognize good work and compliment those around them. They keep a positive attitude and have a great grasp of the entire organization.

Good managers are collaborative, and they are as trustworthy as they are good listeners. They’re not only respectful but also open-minded and understanding. They adapt to change, listen to feedback and put others before themselves. Supportive and empowering, good managers lead their team in a collaborative effort toward goals.

Grooming Leaders

At some point, you must figure out who is going to lead your company into the future. You can’t just promote the person who comes in early and stays late, because despite their dedication and work ethic, they might not have the characteristics that are a good fit for a manager that will lead your company in the right direction.

In some respects, identifying your future leaders can be a guessing game. You make a decision, begin grooming them for the role, only to find out well into the process that their leadership style is completely unbefitting of your company culture. Fortunately, the Predictive Index can assist you in making fact-based decisions.

Utilizing the Predictive Index

When you adopt the Predictive Index, you’re stepping away from the guessing game and into scientific territory. At PI Consulting Group, we’re focused on putting Predictive Index tools to work for our clients, giving them the visibility to make the best choices regarding whom they will groom to be good managers. Contact us and let’s talk about our processes.