Is it Time to Change Your Hiring Process?

Take Your Hiring Process Beyond Resumes and Interviews

Improve your hiring process by utilizing the Predictive Index method.Employees make or break a company, which is why owners will often say their greatest asset is their workforce. However, is your hiring process built in a way that brings in the highest quality applicants?

The ability to see who the best candidates are can be an elusive trait. The standard method of making these identifications has been through resumes and interviews. If you’re lucky, you’ve got an internship program or something similar that gives you a sneak peek at how a possible future employee carries out their day-to-day tasks, but in most cases, it’s a process that involves a lot of guesswork.

Don’t Rely on the Resume

Did you know that almost 80% of applicants fudge a little on their resumes? This can lead to unfulfilled expectations later. Not only does that offer up false information, it keeps hidden the talents that aren’t readily seen on a piece of paper. Even the interview can’t unveil these talents. All applicants want to make a good impression and some are quite convincing at stretching the truth.

You can’t just rely on the resume and interview for these reasons, which is why embracing a screening is fast becoming a trusted way of finding out the real person behind the applicant.

Why Screenings?

Screenings, or assessments, involve a series of questions that let you see traits that may not shine in interviews, and definitely not on a resume. If you’re looking for specific hard and soft skills in a person to fill a position, the assessment is going to be your go-to method in your hiring process.

However, for the best results, the assessment needs to be analyzed by an expert, which is what PI Consulting Group offers clients.

The Predictive Index

At PI Consulting Group, we know that people are complex. However, we’ve created a method that offers insights into workplace behaviors. The methodology demystifies all the complexities through a process called a behavioral and cognitive assessment, which is scientifically validated. It might sound complicated, but the process doesn’t take long at all.

We’ve conducted validations studies for years and have over that time identified more than 7,000 positive correlations between business performance and our assessments. If you’re looking to improve your hiring process, our methodology can provide critical information to ensure you make the right decisions for your organization. Not only will it reveal who your most suitable candidates are, it can also show you who you should be grooming as a future leader.

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